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  • Every day Pruitt is in office is a good day

    Outside of Washington, it is another story.

    Pruitt has played an important role as the Trump administration’s America First Energy Plan has brought economic growth and has the country on track toward energy dominance in the world. Under Pruitt, the EPA has been a positive force in pipeline infrastructure development, removing us from the ridiculous Paris Climate Accord and the repeal of harmful and unnecessary environmental regulations, including the Clean Power Plan that was devastating to the coal industry. Coupled with tax cuts, these actions have spurred strong economic growth, optimism and jobs.

    Perhaps more importantly, Pruitt has hit the radical environmental groups where it hurts, the pocketbook. By putting an end to “secret science” and “sue and settle” at EPA he has cut off the flow of taxpayer money that was the lifeblood for environmental activists. The withdrawal from the overreaching regulations of the Waters of the United States has freed our farmers from the costs and burden of regulating every prairie pothole in our state. And just recently, the EPA canceled unworkable CAFE standards that forced production of higher cost vehicles onto the market instead of relying on consumer demand. All of these efforts are aimed to correct the excessive over-reach of the former EPA staff. Precisely because of Pruitt’s record of leadership, radical environmentalists, politicians and the media are trying to force him out of office. While Pruitt is accused of conflicts of interest, the real conflicts at the EPA involved scientific advisors to the agency who were simultaneously receiving EPA grant money — another tactic Pruitt has corrected. This whole anti-Pruitt ordeal is nothing more than an orchestrated political campaign by the alt-left to undermine the significant and welcome deregulatory progress.

    In recognition of Earth Day we can support Pruitt’s efforts to drain and reclaim the wetland known as the D.C. swamp. We should stand strong and defend Pruitt. If the Swamp wins, Americans lose.

    Grande represented the 41st District in the N.D. Legislature from 1996 to 2014. She is a wife, mom, grandma, research fellow with the Heartland Institute, lover of life and Jesus. 

    First published in the Fargo Forum