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  • Socialism is Evil: The Moral Case against Marx's Radical Dream


    SEPTEMBER 11, 2018

    By Sarah Lee


    The Heartland Institute’s Health Care Research Fellow Sarah Lee interviews Justin Haskins, The Heartland Institute’s executive editor and research fellow, on his new book “Socialism is Evil: The Moral Case Against Marx’s Radical Dream.”

    The Heartland Institute’s Executive Editor Justin Haskins has compiled several of his op-eds and essays on socialism into a book, “Socialism is Evil: The Moral Case Against Marx’s Radical Dream” after being challenged by prominent Marxists to really learn about the philosophy, thinking he might soften his stance. The opposite happened, and Haskin’s book highlights the negatives consequences of adopting socialism — even democratic socialism — as it relates to health care and all other aspects of the American system. Haskins calls the philosophy evil because it leads to a population bereft of freedom, and warns that if we don’t stop and reflect, we will regret where our flirtation with socialism leads.